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Please note: Minimum payout is $10.00. Payment will be issued on a net30 basis after leads are finalized for the month. Leads must be finalized and paid by advertiser in order to be sent to you. We strive to pay sooner than the net30 after being paid by advertiser however there are at times delays due to advertisers, please have patience. Payments will be made. Thank you. Also -- withdraws through June 30th can now be made on platform ones that include July earnings will be sent back to your account balance as they are not payable yet- They will be paid within 30 days. We are not a gpt or ptc site,we are a network. Thank you.

2021-04-22 20:59:59

New platform coming

New platform will be coming we will be doing a slow migration and contacting publishers one by one to work with them. Hope all is well with everyone!

2019-03-16 05:04:55

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